Bets on Spartak Moscow – Dinamo Riga, Ice Hockey betting on 09.27.2015

Bets on Spartak Moscow – Dinamo Riga, Ice Hockey betting on 09.27.2015
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Spartak Moscow – Dinamo Riga

For those wishing to make bets on ice hockey, particularly bets on KHL, proposed the match to be played between Spartak (Moscow) and Dinamo (Riga). Best Bookies for the best bets on the CHL and therefore bets on the match Spartak – Cinema posted here

Spartak Moscow - Dinamo Riga bettingSpartak in the KHL this championship played 13 matches, is in 13th place of the conference, and scored 14 points. The difference washers 30 – 35.
Dinamo Riga in KHL held in 13 games, managed to score 13 points, Riga residents is now in 12th place in the standings. The pucks difference: 26 – 32.

Spartak took the Croatian Medveščak and this time the “bears” were able to take revenge for the humiliating defeat against Spartak at home 1: 7. Spartak during the match was forced to recoup and eventually lost 1: 2, although all three hung on the gate during Medveščak.

The rest of the game with Spartak went like this:

House: victory over Severstal 2: 1 defeat by Dinamo Minsk 1:4.
Away: two games against Victoria in Medveščak 7:1 and Slovan 5:2.

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Dinamo Riga extreme their game at home to spend time with Slovan, Dynamo missed the first barely recouped, but eventually shootouts Slovan won 2:1.

Dinamo Riga in extreme League games KHL:

In home games, two Medveščak losing 1:2 and Vityaz 1:4.
Away victory over Admiral 4:2 and the loss Slovan 2:3 in overtime.

What to expect from the match: Spartak confidence began to pick up points in the last matches, the club managed to climb in the standings from the bottom area and the playoffs it does not seem to be something illusory, at the same time, and Dinamo Rigans leave hopes to get into the coveted 8 ku. In this match we take 5 TM.

Injured players: Spartak – Glazachev, Shmelev, Grishin, Wallman.
Dinamo Riga – Felix Schutz

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