Bets on LA Lakers – Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA betting on 08.01.2016

Bets on LA Lakers – Oklahoma City Thunder, NBA betting on 08.01.2016
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Bets on LA Lakers – Oklahoma City Thunder.

Are you looking great online resource that will help you with a question about where to bet on sports? Then you can stay with us, because we will give the best answer to this question. Right now we offer you to explore one of the many previews of upcoming games of the regular season of the National Basketball Association. In this announcement, you will find high-quality match bets Lakers – Oklahoma.

Bets on LA Lakers - Oklahoma City Thunder

The last two games wards Byron Scott held against California teams. In the first case, it was the leaders of the Western Conference, Golden State Warriors, and the second – Sacramento Kings, who are currently struggling to get into the best eight. In both cases, the Lakers were defeated. Today, they will begin the three-game home series. Lakers continue to occupy the fifteenth position in the standings of the West. Home match they spend with the stats: 4-10.

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  • LA Lakers – Oklahoma City Thunder – 10.50/1.08

Oklahoma today, too, will start a series, but unlike their opponents today, it will exit. Guest Thunder tour includes three games in which they will meet with the Lakers, Trail Blazers and Timberwolves. Wards Billy Donovan for a long time do not leave the western third place of the standings. These assets are registered eight wins on the road that have been mined in fourteen games.

In the current regular season, Los Angeles and Oklahoma have played against each other twice. In both cases, it getting any victory Thunder basketball. The list of injured from the Lakers listed D’Angelo Russell, but his way to the floor is not excluded.

Our free picks LA Lakers +14

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