Bets on Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks, NBA picks and betting on 16.03.2016

Bets on Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks, NBA picks and betting on 16.03.2016
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Bets on Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks.

If you do not know where to bet on basketball, our site will help you with this problem. In addition, we suggest you read our today’s announcement, which includes the most appropriate in our opinion match bets Cleveland – Dallas. Also, do not forget to check with other previews, which includes our forecasts for the rest of the game the next night.

Bets on Cleveland Cavaliers - Dallas MavericksYesterday the Cleveland Cavaliers held the last meeting as part of its on-site series, which consisted of four matches. Wards Tyrone Liu failed to cope with the Utah Jazz, who beat them by nine balls. Because of this defeat was interrupted winning series Cavaliers, which consisted of three matches. In the Eastern Conference standings, they are still located on the first line. Home Team stats as follows: 27-6.

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  • Cleveland Cavaliers – Dallas Mavericks – 1.18/5.80

Dallas managed to get in front of Victoria in the last game. This victory allowed the Mavericks to end its unsuccessful series, which lasted five games. Texans are now in eighth place in the western part of the tournament table. Behind them pursue Jazzman from Salt Lake City, which is left to close the gap of the two victories. Field parameters in the following Mavericks: 15-17.

Earlier this season, Cleveland and Dallas played against each other once. The victory then went to a team from Ohio. The list of injured to the Cavaliers listed only point guard Mo Williams defender.

Our free picks Cleveland (-9.5)

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