Bets on Charlotte Hornets – Orlando Magic, NBA picks and betting on 16.03.2016

Bets on Charlotte Hornets – Orlando Magic, NBA picks and betting on 16.03.2016
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Bets on Charlotte Hornets – Orlando Magic.

This article we have prepared specially for the following full-time meeting between the Hornets and Magic. After reading it, you will know which bets on the match Charlotte – Orlando, we have chosen. If you want advice about the choice of places to bet on the NBA, then click on one of our banners, which will send you to a site tested bookmaker.

Bets on  Charlotte Hornets - Orlando MagicYesterday Charlotte basketball players held the penultimate meeting in the framework of its home series. Their opponents in that match was the Texas Mavericks, who were them stronger eleven balls. It should be noted that prior to this defeat was listed on the account of the Hornets winning streak, which included seven bouts. Wards Steve Clifford now enjoys the sixth position in the standings Eastern Conference. Their home record is as follows: 25-10.

If you have already decide to bet on NBA, you must bet by best odds and reliable:

  • Charlotte Hornets – Orlando Magic – 1.25/4.55

For Florida Magic upcoming fight will be the second in the past two days. Last night, they met with the Nuggets in Denver. Orlando got the victory, gaining six balls more than basketball Nuggets. For Orlando, this victory was the second in the last three matches. Magic located on the eleventh line in the standings of the Eastern Conference. Their exit figures include eleven wins and 21 loss.

Earlier in the current regular season, Charlotte and Orlando have already managed to meet twice. At the moment, the score is tied: 1-1. The list of injured in the Hornets continue to be listed Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Spencer Hawes. In the guest in question is attended by three players: Nikola Vučević, Elfrida Payton and Brandon Jennings.

Our free picks Orlando Magic +9

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